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Nestle - Nestlè Won't Respond To My Questions!!!
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My wife and I love Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee Single packs. We prefer the Hazelnut and Vanilla flavors. The problem is that we can't find them ANYWHERE! Even Walmart online and Amazon are out of stock. This shortage is creating ridiculous prices for even a single box of the item. (See image.) People want to order this item but that is difficult when it is out of stock everywhere! I have written Nestlè 3 times in the last month... Read more

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Nestle - what have you done to your Candy Bars!!! They taste bland and artificial. It's a crying shame that you have sacrificed quality and taste for artificial cheaper ingredients. Yuck - is all I have to say - will not buy your waxy, glue tasting chocolate candy bars any longer. Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Raisinete's, Crunch Bar - they all tax waxy and very artificial. Your products used to be creamy and rich with a real quality taste. How can you... Read more

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They just took out 3 full ozs. from the 11 oz. bag, now down to 8 ozs. for the same price as the 11 oz. bag. If they don't think the customers notice, think again! I was (now past tense) a longtime, frequent buyer of this product, but never again based on this drastic 30% reduction of product in the package, amounting to a sneaky 30% price increase! Makes me wonder what else has been reduced. The quality??? I might not buy any more Nestle... Read more

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I have always bought Digiorno Stuffed Crust pizza but recently, the already greedy and dishonest company has become more greedy and dishonest and cut there product in half for the SAME RIDICULOUS price! I am from here on out boycotting Nestle and ALL their product's - not just their pizza.

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  • Mar 10
  • #806913

U people mixing gold in Nan pro..? Nonsense price

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  • Feb 06
  • #785295

2 yr old Butterfinger bought at WalMart.hard as a rock

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I had to use up a $25 gift certficate I received from a dear friend of mine and so while trying to use it up I just grabbed a smarties box (of which I don't normally buy) to fill the $25 giftcard. Well, I thought nothing of it at the time as the box was not yet open. When I finally got home and opened up the box I found not only on the box that the amount was smaller in grams but also the price was higher that what I used to pay when I had... Read more

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The answer to the main question asked in reviews on Ovaltine, "What happened?" is, sadly, Nestle's bought them out. Nestle's, contrary to what they would have us believe, and of course most people do, is not really a chocolate company at all, it is a Sugar company. The ingredients in the products they sell are only ancillary (so they can give it a name) to their main ingredient, by 80 or 90 or more %, Sugar. Why? We buy sugar by the pound, and... Read more

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  • Oct 26, 2015
  • #723621

Just bought a 1.9 Oz Butterfinger from a vending machine atbwork, and it was horrible.. Haven't had one in years. I wont but another one. Im goin to look at hard look at the rest of their products....may never buy an more of their products.

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What happen to my favorite chuckie? wehave allien inside the tetrapack wht do u thnk? Nestle cn u give me a reason and action! For this Read more

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