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I have 12 grandkids and use nestle products a lot. No more.

I just heard you dropped your ads for Laura Ingrahams show. You drop Laura, I drop you. Unbelievable how quick companies drop conservative shows. We use products too.

There are a lot of other companies that make products similar to nestle. You don't have a monopoly on all the products you represent. We have choices just as you have choices. We are very faithful to Laura Ingraham and if you side with a high schooler over an accomplished radio and tv host, then I question your judgement.

I hope every conservative person never buys another nestle product. I know I never will.

You companies are finding out that we are fighting back, finally, not rolling over to the big liberal bully any more. Bye bye Nestle.

Reason of review: Laura Ingraham ads dropped.

Preferred solution: Put your ads back on Laura's show or goodby.

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LOL... Months later Nestle and the others that slipped out on this joke of a show are still going strong despite your lame boycott.

What does that tell you?

It tells you that you ARE NOTHING... No one cares if you don't spend your few pennies in a store or on their product.

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