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I am very disappointed that an allegedly respectable company such as Nestle has decided to alienate such a large audience. The objective of advertising is to communicate a positive message about your product to as broad of an audience as possible.

By caving to political pressure from an agenda motivated by politics, you send a clear message that you do not desire the business of Laura Ingraham's audience. Message received. I will make a conscientious effort to no longer purchase candy, cookie, iced tea, water, or ice cream that are associated with your company. I am even boycotting pet food and products as well.

My dogs and cats will have to settle for another brand.

Your company owns so many brands that it will be hard to boycott everything, but I will do my absolute best to disassociate myself from your company, and I will do my best to influence everyone I know to do the same. Shame on you Nestle!

Reason of review: Nestle making political statements in its advertising decisions.

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"positive message about your product to as broad of an audience as possible."I don't know how to tell you this but your little Fox demographic is on the decline and less desirable than the "young and vibrant" yoga pants wear, kale eating group that is set to take over.There are more of them, they have much longer to live than you. Combined with more spending and newly found political power, you are nothing.Sorry to break this to you...


I do not watch Fox or even watch or listen to Laura Ingraham. Although it was not directed at you, you completely missed the point of my entire message.

Alienating potential customers (no matter how big or small the "demographic") for political reasons is a bad business practice. Last time I checked, Nestle mainly sells products directed less toward the yoga pants, kale eating crowd unless they consume sugary tea and chips ahoy cookies with their kale. If Nestle is going to be so petty as to play politics, then i do not need to be contributing to its bottom line.

I appreciate your response, but your support for Nestle's decision makes no sense. Clearly you do not hold stock in the company.


Year in review... Their stock did not take a hit because of this little incident that most of the whiners have long since forgot about. Apparently right wing boycotts mean nothing to corporate America as they're in decline these days.

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