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I agree 100% with this review. Nestle is an EXTREMELY Dishonest Company.

Whether dealing with employees or their customers (stores) Salespeople are told by their DSL's in Florida, to throw out in the stores dumpster any expireds and credits and not write it off. Here is why; Any product not accounted for is split as a loss between Nestle DSD and the store. For years this has been going on in Florida at Sweetbay, Winn Dixie and many other stores. If you worked or managed any store that has Nestle DSD; You were robbed.

If you didn't receive a ticket that reflected the damages or shown credit on a handheld; then you were robbed. I worked for Nestle and agree with the previous posts. This is a Company that tries to proclaim honesty, advancement, diversity and all the fancy buzzwords in the current venacular; while doing the exact opposite. If you are under the assumption that hard work pays off; Don't work at Nestle USA.

Diversity only applies to the initial hiring. Glass ceilings exist at Nestle.

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Brooksville, Florida, United States #913038

If your in retail Sales in Florida the credits directly impact the bonus$$ of the DSL and ASL. Especially this time of year.

So, if you are a scan based store. You have been ripped off by the Nestle DSD sales staff.

Not any different than being shoplifted for thousands of dollars at a time on tombstone, digiorno, dreyers or HD. Yes, a glass ceiling does exist for females.

Gainesville, Florida, United States #907641

sounds true

to Anonymous Rancho Mirage, California, United States #956144

Wow, I really enjoyed reading these comments regarding Nestle. I know you have written this as anonymous, but if you really worked for Nestle in Glendale take a look at the following link:


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