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I grew up in the 90s with the beloved Wonder Ball by Nestle. For many many many years I have not been able to find the Nestle Wonder Ball in stores.

The Wonder Ball was a chocolate shell, ball that was filled with flavored candies (usually as Disney characters) inside. This was a favorite candy of mine and I would greatly appreciate its reappearance. I am pissed that it was taken away to begin with because it was such an amazing candy.

My friends and I love this candy and if Nestle could send me some I would be extremely happy. Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #585443

Since Nestle doesn't even own the Wonder Ball trademark anymore, it's unlikely they will send you some or ever make them! FYI, the original Wonder Ball contained toys instead of candy and kids choked on them, which is why they originally stopped making them.

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