This is in regards to Nestles vendors and payment issues that vendors may struggle with when receiving payment from Nestle.

They have been a customer of ours for many years and in those years they have spent a great deal of money.

We have in the time that they have been our customer had them listed as tax code, direct pay as we cannot pay taxes in the city that they are located. Therefore, Nestle has paid their taxes directly to the state.

For some reason they stopped paying taxes directly and started paying taxes on their invoices from us. What further complicates the issue is that they stopped paying from the invoices we submitted and paid strictly from their PO's.

When I received the first over payment, I contacted the accounting department and tried to explain to them that there were no taxes charged on the invoice because Nestle is direct pay.

They were outsourced and didn't understand what I was trying to explain to them and instructed me to submit my issues to their accounting team and provided me with an email address.

Months went by without hearing anything back from the "accounting team" and in the meantime the over payments in taxes continued. I was finally able to speak with someone on the tax side of Nestle and she had me submit paperwork stating that we could not collect taxes in the county and city where Nestle is located.

I thought this issue was resolved, but to this date Nestle consistently overpays on their invoices.

I guess I'm curious if any of Nestle's other vendors have had this issue and if they have found some way to resolve it.

The crazy thing is I send them statements monthly which reflects these over payments and as of yet I have heard nothing about credits they can take towards outstanding payments.

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