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We just bought a bag of Nestle's new Butterfinger Snackerz and also threw them in the trash as soon as we found out they are a product of Mexico and not American made. What the ***!

Well, Nestle we will be no longer buy ANY of your products again, let alone let family or friends buy from you. This is America so make it in America and give jobs back to Americana's.

Its sorry *** companies like you that are destroying America and our economy. Other then that *** off and hope your company stocks crash and burn.

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How are you going to keep your family and friends from buying it?


Just out of curiosity, what type of computer are you using to make this post? I highly doubt it was made in America as well.

Also? The reason Nestle's products are affordable for the average shopper on a budget is because they produce things overseas.

Employees in Mexico will work for MUCH cheaper than those in the United States. It might not be fair to Americans but it is hardly the fault of Nestle that they can find cheaper labor elsewhere.


Did you think Nestle was an American company??

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