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I am an average American,I work pay taxes and believe in the 2nd amendment.Your company has jumped on the leftist band wagon.Laura Inghram just spoke her mind and it was the truth.I guess you dont want to know the truth.This David Hogg has called all nra members child killers and disrespected alot of Americans.I know my business with you is small,but I will no longer buy your products.America has got to stick together and show large corperations like yours that us little guys dont go along with this attack on the first and second amendments.This Hogg can say or call anybody anything he wants to,but she tells the truth and you cut advertisment

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My husband & I will No longer buy any of your products. We are both American & born & raise here.

You pulled your advertisement from the Laura Inghram show because of the David Hoog kid blaming the NRA for the shootings in the schools. The NRA had nothing to do with this. My husband & I believe in the 1st & 2nd Amendent of our country & we support the NRA. Your company has shown your true colors of being leftist & Marxist & we will no longer buy your products.

I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Pack up your company & move to a communist one. We don't want you here.


Someone wants them here, their stock withstood your little hissy fit and (chuckle) boycotts. As did Delta & Nike.

Welcome to a dying irrelevant demographic that can't get into a nursing home quick enough.

Bad news is my tax dollars will be used to support you. On the upside, trumpco wants to cut your healthcare benefits, that drag on my wallet won't last long .

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